What is Canine Underwater Treadmill?

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Echo in the underwater treadmill

Echo in the underwater treadmill

The body is a dynamic, moving entity that requires physical activity to maintain proper physical function. For over 40 years, horses and humans have achieved and maintained better health and well-being with the support of fitness and strength training on dry and underwater treadmills. Now, this technology is available to you – for your dog or cat.

Sessions and Pricing

Each $48 appointment includes a full assessment and a tailored 30 minute session. Packages and Gift Certificates available

Please call us at (937) 514-7702 to schedule!

How It Works

The Canine Underwater Treadmill uses the ancient healing properties of water, plus water’s physical properties (buoyancy & resistance), to support your best friend while you conduct a safe, proven exercise session with your pet in this revolutionary treadmill system.

Picture1Water-assisted exercise is designed specifically for dogs (and cats!) whose owners want to develop and maintain:

  • Stronger, flexible & fully developed muscles, tendons & joints
  • Increased endurance, strength, balance and coordination
  • Improved cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Safe, comfortable exercise during inclement weather
  • Emotional well being
  • Cross-training & sports & competition enhancement
  • Improved & extended quality of life
  • Less stiffness & soreness
  • Weight control
  • Plus, it’s fun!

We’re here for you!

Call us today at (937) 514-7702 for more information, or to schedule an appointment or consultation for Underwater Treadmill!