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My name is Katie. My family consists of Mom, another Corgi, and a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy who is a pain in the neck. I tore both of my ACLs in January 2005 while leaping off the deck at my house to chase squirrels. We were getting ready to go to Florida for the winter. My ACLs were repaired in Florida and I had to stay on a leash for 45 days! and wear a stupid collar.

After three months, I was still weak in the back legs. We heard about Carmen and decided to give her program a try. After just 7 vists I am almost 100%, thanks to the water exercise. I will miss my sessions as I get lots of "cookies."

¬ Marilyn - Fairfield, OH.


Look at me! After just 14 visits, I'm fit and strong again! Thanks Carmen!

- Dan & Stella - Bellbrook, OH.



Hi! My name is Riley. I have bilateral hip dysplasia, not sure what that is, all I know is my hips and back legs hurt badly. My Mom gives me massages and aspirin but the pain is still there. I sleep all the time to help forget about the aches and pain.

Then we found Carmen and her Underwater Treadmill. I have been 5 times and I feel like a new dog. I can run like the wind and now can catch my big brother Rudy, boy he was surprised! I love to take long walks. I also love to steal socks and make my Mom chase me around the house. I now don't sleep as much, the pain has eased up some and I don’t have to take any aspirin.

I love my new life and I am a very happy puppy. Thanks Mom and Carmen!

Shelley - Huber Heights, OH


Bella had CCL surgery late August 2003 performed by a board certified orthopedic veterinarian. The surgery went well and Bella recovered as expected. However, her leg remained weak despite the walking we did - sometimes up to 2 hours a day. The orthopedic veterinarian had mentioned that water therapy would be ideal but he was not aware of any facility offering this service.

So far Bella has had nearly a dozen treadmill sessions (about 6 weeks worth). In this timeframe I have noticed a significant strengthening of her leg demonstrated by greater use and she is now fully weight bearing on it.

Marie - Springboro, OH

Co Co

Hi! I'm a happy dog, with arthritis.

A long time ago I hurt my back leg and couldn't walk on it. We went to see a man who wiggled my hurt leg and it hurt more, then I got sleepy and when I woke up it really, really hurt.

After a while I could walk on it but the whole thing happened some more times. I've gotten tired of trying to walk on it so I love to lay in Carmen's strange tub. It makes me feel lots better. In fact, so much better that now I'm well enough to walk in it too!

Lura - Centerville, OH


My name is Shotzie. I am a hunter. Well, at least I used to be until I had 2 back surgeries within 3 months which left my hind quarter paralyzed not once, but twice! Very bad luck!

It was difficult learning to walk the first time and the second time was worse. With the help of my people, I have worked hard and made good progress. Then, I met Carmen and the strange box filled with water and a moving floor.

At first, I tried floating, swimming and even going up the side but, Carmen has an answer for everything. I got the message and now I do lots of walking. I am much stronger, can get up more easily and quickly and the good news is that my rear feet are becoming more coordinated with my front feet. I am lots faster.

Beware all rabbits, chippies and squirrels - I'm back!!!!


Boy, did I have a scare last night!! Mom took me to a new place where I'd never been. We went into a room with a big, glass fish tank. But, it was empty, guess all the fish went on vacation. The lady put a harness on me and looked at my bum knee. Mom gave her a paper with stuff from the guy who cut open my knee.

Then the nice lady (the one with the cookies) opened one end of the fish tank, but I guess it was not a fish tank after all because she lifted me up and put me in the glass cage and closed the ramp! I walked around and then my feet started getting WET! with something warm - no, I had NOT forgotten my manners! I looked around and thought a flood was on its way. I called for Noah or his faithful Border Terrier, but no one answered (so much for doggie Sunday scripture lesson).

Then the water stopped.. It was nice and warm. Then, the floor started moving! I was sliding backwards into the drain!!!! Mom and the lady told me to walk forward, and I figured it out - this was one of those moving sidewalks like at the airports, I read about them in the Border Terrier travel guide. I walked like this for about 5 minutes and the lady kept giving me more treats. It was kind of fun. I tried wagging my tail in the water, and Mom laughed. She said it looked like a snake!! The next thing I knew, the floor quit moving and the water started going away. The nice lady (I found out her name is Carmen) helped me down the ramp and dried me off. I felt really good, and you know what? My bum knee feels much better today. This morning I actually walked across the yard using my leg. Mom said I get to go back next week. 🙂

Your friend, Shannie


Benson is 6 year old dachshund. He had surgery to relieve a herniated disk in his back in March of 2003. Benson didn't regain feeling in his feet for quite some after the surgery. He slowly regained sensation in his toes and started to show signs of improvement.

A year later he began using the underwater treadmill and showed immediate improvement. After a couple of visits, he starting standing up regularly and attempting to take a few steps. After 10 visits he was walking several feet. He is regaining muscle strength in his hind legs. He has also experienced benefit from his first acupuncture and chiropractic visits. Benson use's Carmen's underwater treadmill 2-3 times a week and is walking in it up to 26 minutes!!!!! Benson is currently still using his cart.