Underwater Treadmill featured in Dayton Daily News!

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Clifford enjoys an Underwater Treadmill session with Carmen

Check out this article in the Dayton Daily News, featuring Carmen Kolz and Canine Underwater Treadmill!

The article tells the story of Clifford, a stray golden retriever who was found by Mary Savage of Englewood after being hit by a car. Thanks to Mary and Clifford’s treadmill hydrotherapy with Carmen, Clifford got a new lease on life. 10 years later, he’s happy and healthy!

Canine Underwater Treadmill, located inside Springboro’s Bigger Road Veterinary Center, offers the only underwater treadmill service for pets in the Miami Valley, and Carmen is one of the most experienced practitioners in the US!

Read more about the benefits of underwater treadmill, and contact us at (937) 514-7702 to find out if hydrotherapy can help your pet!

Underwater Treadmill

Clifford enjoys his Underwater Treadmill therapy