Bigger Road patients benefit from underwater treadmill

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Underwater treadmill is gaining popularity for rehabilitation purposes, as well as for general fitness. We wanted to share videos of two Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic patients, Maggie and Kylie, who have benefited from this therapy!

Bigger Road refers clients to Carmen Kolz’s Canine Underwater Treadmill for treatment. Canine Underwater Treadmill is located inside Springboro’s Bigger Road Veterinary Center.

Maggie Burke

Maggie, a patient of Dr. Conan Crocker, had anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery in 2009 and 2010.  The underwater treadmill has allowed Maggie to maintain strength and mobility, and control her weight through low-impact exercise.

Kylie Richards

Kylie sees Dr. Conan Crocker at Bigger Road for a bilateral cruciate ligament rupture. Kylie began underwater treadmill therapy in June, 2014, with the goals of improved strength and mobility. While she may need surgery in the future, Kylie’s owners have noted a marked improvement since beginning treadmill therapy.
Please call us at (937) 514-7702 to find out if underwater treadmill therapy can benefit your pet!